Rioters Leave Glass Shattered in Downtown Vancouver
June 16, 2011

The Vancouver Canucks’ loss in last night’s Stanley Cup finals was hugely upsetting for many. The loss, in fact, led angry, drunken fans to riot after the game, wrecking much of the city and leaving a trail of smashed, shattered glass. A loss for the Canucks, however, could just mean a big win for local glass companies.
According to news reports several blocks of windows were smashed and could not be boarded up for sometime due to the road/bridge closures and police activity.

"This morning Hartung Canada saw a surge of rush orders for replacement glass due to last night's riot. We are typically seeing orders for laminated and tempered IGUs and storefront product. Our team is doing our best to help in the community clean up effort by fast tracking replacement products to site," says Rich Porayko, Hartung Glass marketing consultant, who says he opted to watch the game with some friends from the safety of a suburban Vancouver pub. "I love Vancouver and am very proud of where we live. However, today I'm disappointed. With that said, riots typically mean a lot of broken glass!"

Located in Burnaby, British Colombia, a suburb of Vancouver, 24-Hour Glass is one company hard at work as a result of last night’s riots. Ed Roche, sales manager, says he was up late last night already working on boarding up broken glass.

“It’s been pretty chaotic. We thought we were prepared; we had our vehicles ready to go, pallets and plywood for boarding up, just in case something happened. And it did,” says Roche, noting that even one of their own vehicles was attacked by a rioter.

He says his company has been busy downtown working on board ups of the massive amounts of broken glass all through the area.

Broken glass on the Hudson’s Bay Company (The Bay), a Canadian department store, is just one local business that has been keeping glass companies busy.

“The rioters broke every piece of glass on The Bay,” says Roche, noting that rioters had also broken glass in The Bay during the 2010 Olympic Games.

He adds, though, they had a positive experience with the local Home Depot today, saying the store opened up early so they could get more plywood to continue with the board-ups.

Roche says at this time there are no estimates as the amount or costs of glass breakage. “But as we’re boarding up we’re taking the measurements of the glass to be replaced and figuring our plan for the replacement process.”

A representative from Action Glass, also in Burnaby, briefly shared a similar sentiment: “It’s been crazy,” he said.

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