TrussWorks International Inc. Relocates to Larger, More Equipped Facility
November 16, 2009

Anaheim, Calif.-based TrussWorks International Inc. (TWI), a specialty steel firm that fabricates steel for projects such as structural glass facades and skylight applications, recently relocated its operations. Anastasiya Heydari, director of finance and sales, says that compared to the company's previous facility, the new shop features a number of improvements on the shop floor and the offices.

"Our new facility is nearly 20 percent larger [than the old location], encompassing approximately 45,000 square feet in total size providing larger office and conference space to accommodate our expanded quality control, production and design staff," says Heydari, who adds that the new facility also contains a separate machine shop area and new employee training rooms.

"We now have a design and drafting department, a separate machine shop area and a full paint booth for finishing," says Heydari.

In addition to the move, which puts the company about 15 miles south of its previous location, the company has also added several new pieces of equipment. The new lines include: cutting machines, plasma machines; five overhead cranes that cover the entire shop area; straight line tables; welding machines; vertical milling machines; and a separate paint and finishing booth.

Heydari also says that move provides the company with better freeway and street/delivery access compared to the old location.

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