Trump Again Discusses Chinese Glass Purchases Over Buying American
February 10, 2011

“The Donald” is once again in the news discussing his purchases of glass and curtainwall products from China. Last night Trump spoke with CNN’s Piers Morgan before a live studio audience about the possibility of running for president. When asked by Morgan, “What are the top priorities for President Trump?” Trump’s answer included mention of buying glass products from China.

Trump responded that the first thing he’d do “is announce very strongly that we're going to tax Chinese products, 25 percent tax on all Chinese products. They will come to the table immediately. They will stop manipulating their currency which they're doing.

“It's very hard for our companies to compete with China because of the manipulation of their currency. I buy a lot of products. I'm building buildings all over the place, I buy glass and steel and lots of other things. It's very hard for our countries to compete with China. We make better products than them.” Trump also added that the most important thing is that U.S. companies make better products.

Morgan also asked Trump about why America can’t start going back to its “great manufacturing days and as you target in China stuff that they need from America.”

“They need big machinery, for example. That could be made here and that could be sold at a good profit and create jobs in America. But I don't see people in America taking that position,” Morgan commented.

Trump replied, “Piers, you have to level the playing field. I buy so many products, glass as an example, a curtainwall for a building, and they all come in and 90 percent of the companies with the glass are coming in from China. I don't want to buy glass from China. But our companies can't compete. Not because they're not good. Not because they're not even better but because of the fact that the Chinese are manipulating their currency. They make it very, very tough for us to compete.”

The interview also included a brief discussion about the interview table, with Morgan noting that it was made with American glass.

Trump responded that it was actually plastic.

“It's actually Plexiglas. But, almost. You're almost -- ,” said Trump.

“Nearly American glass,” said Morgan.

“I feel better with Plexiglas,” added Trump.

Trump was previously in the news last September when he talked with CNBC about his purchase of Chinese glazing products.

"I ordered windows, thousands of windows the other day; they're made in China," he told CNBC. "I don't want to buy them, but it's hard to get them anywhere else."

His comments stirred quite a reaction from the glass industry, as many claimed they would be more than willing and ready to provide Trump quotes for his projects.

As Ray VanNess, president of Shreveport, La.-based Seal Craft, told™, he finds “it impossible to believe that American manufacturers could not have produced equal products better, quicker and more cost effectively I have grown weary of this kind of news while having to lay-off good employees while struggling to outlast this recession. Buy American!”

At press time, representatives from Trump’s office had not responded to’s request for comment.

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