Harmon Terminates 24 Hour On-Call Service
October 16, 2012

by Kaitlan Mitchell, kmitchell@glass.com

Bloomington, Minn.-based contract glazier Harmon Inc., part of Apogee Enterprises, announced it has sold off the individual locations of its 24-hour on-call service businesses and will no longer focus on this area. According to the announcement, the 24-hour-on-call service business for commercial buildings did not complement the company’s strengths and did not contribute to the future strategic growth goals.

Since the beginning of 2011, Harmon has been evaluating the success of the on-call services.
“It was just too distracting,” says Thyra Nelson, marketing manager for Harmon. “We are focused on projects and there was a lot of time and resources that went into the 24-hour piece that wasn’t necessarily benefiting any of our key customers. It was something we had always done, so we just kept doing it.”

Nelson explains that the service business was not sold to one individual company, but instead the program was dismantled.
“We sold the business office-by-office because no one is a 24-hour nationwide commercial glass service company,” says Nelson. “So in some offices there was a key player in the market that was interested but [in other] offices there wasn’t. So we sold them office-by-office. We sold where we could to companies that were interested and some offices we just discontinued depending on the volume.”

Harmon will continue operation in 12 locations throughout the United States focusing on the new construction and renovation markets. According to the announcement, the transition from the on-call service market will not impact the company’s current project commitments and the reallocation of resources will increase its capacity for the core project business.

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