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USGNN Original StoryCourt Investigation Queries: Is Wired Glass a Deadly Weapon?

Fifteen-year-old Tyler Boatwright from Dallas, Ore., is on trial today, accused of committing third-degree assault. But the weapon used in the alleged crime, wasn't a gun, knife or a baseball bat; it was a wired glass window.

According to court documents, Boatwright is accused of using a "deadly or dangerous weapon" to "unlawfully, feloniously and recklessly" injure Zachary Taylor when he allegedly pushed the victim's head through a window.

An investigation of the matter was conducted and Greg Abel, founder of Advocates for Safe Glass Inc. in Eugene, Ore., as well as Oregon Sen. Vicki Walker, testified today on behalf of the defendant before the State of Oregon, Polk County Circuit Court.

"Originally he [Boatwright] was going to be tried for attempted murder, but because of opposition, my position, as well as Senator Walker's, they amended the complaint to a Class C Felony," said Abel.

Abel told Magazine he was concerned, was that the accident happened because wired glass was still in an application where it should not have been; an exterior school application that was not in compliance with the code's exemption.

"If the proper glass required by the code [laminated or tempered] had been used, that young man might only have a bump on his head," Abel said. "Oregon passed its building code change three years before and memos were sent out. I guess [some] did not pay attention to them. We're not just making claims [about wired glass]; someone was injured."

The trial is expected to continue through tomorrow. Stay tuned to for updates.

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