CGA/AGA Announce Retirement of Donn Harter; Discontinue AGA Operations
March 14, 2011

The California Glass Association/Americas Glass Association (CGA/AGA) board of directors announced the retirement of Donn Harter, its president and technical director. The AGA board of directors also notes that “with Harter’s retirement, no equal replacement, and the current economic conditions,” it has discontinued the operations of the AGA effective March 11, 2011.

According to a letter from the association to members: "For the past 35 years, the glass association and glass industry have benefited from Donn's leadership, knowledge, determination and foresight. When he saw a need or identified a void in the glass industry, from the local to national level, he worked tirelessly to fill it. During his years as president of the California Glass Association he created such recognizable products as the Source™, pocketGuide™, Glass Expo West, Glazing magazine and Bug-it™ just to name a few. He became the country's leading expert on safety glazing and fire-rated codes and provided countless hours of codes interpretation and consultation, including legislative and committee representation for California and the nation."

Many of the products created by Harter will be maintained and he will continue to support industry education by producing the Source™, pocketGuide™, Shower Safety Manual, Mirror Manual, Glazing 101 and other glass publications. He will also continue to advise glass companies on safety glazing and fire-rated codes through a codes consultation service. In addition, Bug-it, a customized, permanent post-manufacturing label for identifying safety and fire-rated glazing, will also continue to be offered to the industry.

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