Arch Issues Statement on Warranties
December 2, 2009

With this week's announcement from Arch Aluminum & Glass that the company has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy (CLICK HERE for related article), many in the industry are sure to raise the question, "How does this affect my business?" One area about which many may be concerned relates to the warranty that had been provided for their purchased products. Earlier this week Arch announced it had reached an agreement to sell substantially all of its assets to an affiliate of Grey Mountain Partners LLC, a private equity firm located in Boulder, Colo. (CLICK HERE for related article). With the company under new ownership, some may wonder, are customers at-risk for their warranties on anything that was sold by the original Arch?

"We will honor the warranties of our customers," Max Perilstein, Arch's vice president of sales and marketing, tells™. "We have always honored warranties in the past, even when we bought the assets of other acquisitions where we didn't have any warranty liability. Our philosophy is the warranty is a part of servicing the customer. Historically, Arch has little to no warranty claims due to internal quality control and our premier manufacturing capabilities."

He adds, "We will honor all warranties of our customers."

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