Minnesota Man Injured in Wired Glass Accident

On July 13 Arron Bendt, an employee of Speedy Delivery in Saint Cloud, Minn., was injured when he made contact with wired glass in his workplace. The incident occurred when he pushed on a 2-foot by 3-foot wired glass vision panel on the door leading to the break room. Both his arm and face went through the glass.

Bendt received approximately 80 stitches to his wrist and forearm, as well as numerous stitches to lacerations on his face, including those above his eyes and upper lip.

Bendt contacted Advocates for Safe Glass (AFSG) after the accident, and told AFSG founder Greg Able that he has since contacted an attorney, who is now looking into filing suit against the wired glass manufacturer. At this time it is unknown who manufactured the glass.

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