Wired Glass Industry Responds to Passage of ICC Proposal

In response to yesterday's announcement regarding the passage of an International Building Code (IBC) code change proposal that limits the use of wired glass in all building structures subject to human impact, a statement was issued by Thom Zaremba on behalf of wired glass manufacturers.

"The vote is a disappointment and was made without any new technical information or other data to support further restrictions on the use of wired glass beyond those already existing in [the] 2003 edition of the IBC. However, I believe this change will be temporary," stated Zaremba. "This same issue has been raised many times before by corporate interests that compete with wired glass in the marketplace and each time it has been defeated. This time, we believe the proponents of this proposal interjected fatal flaws into the decision-making process, which we intend to bring before the ICC's board of directors in the next 30 days.

"We believe that new restrictions on the usage of wired glass are not justified and create serious concerns about the effectiveness of suggested, alternative products that will now be considered to replace wired glass in these fire-rated locations."

According to the statement, a decision by the ICC board of directors on the issue is expected this fall.

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