Vitro Awarded the Ecological Container Award from the Mexican Packaging Association for Second Year in a Row

Vitro has announced that it received its second ecological container recognition from the Mexican Packaging Association (AMEE) at the 2006 Stellar Container awards ceremony, Vitro also received 42 more awards for its wine, liquor, soda, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics glass containers.

In addition to being 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, the Agua Punto Cero Grados container from Tocoringa, the 2006 ecological container of the year has other interesting ecological features such as its recyclable cap and label.

"Receiving for the AMEE's second ecological award not only underscores Vitro's social responsibility and commitment to the environment, but also reinforces our customers' environmental awareness. For us, each of our 43 Stellar Containers represents an opportunity and a challenge that becomes a fulfilled promise when transformed into our customer's winning product," said Alfonso Gomez Palacio, president of Vitro Containers.

The main objective of the AMEE's annual contest is to recognize the creativity, innovation, environmental quality, cost efficiency, and variety of materials used in all of the participating containers and categories.

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