Truth Hardware Debuts New Logo, Communication Campaign

Truth Hardware has unveiled its new logo, which the company says isn't just a visual update with a catchy tagline but an important component to its integrated strategic communications program. The goal, the company says, is to let the window, door and skylight market know that there's a new Truth Hardware-one that has significantly changed the way it does business.

The company says the program, which will be rolled out over the coming months, is rooted in a commitment to unleash the resourcefulness of Truth's employees and empower them to listen to what their customers really want. The result will be a more flexible and responsive approach to customer service.

The program was recently unveiled to customers with a new logo design and positioning statement: "better from every perspective." The new logo mark retains the typeface that customers recognize while incorporating a simplified graphic to better convey its products. A new signature color signifies the company's renewed commitment to its customers. The positioning statement anchors the logo mark and articulates the essence of Truth's new approach to customer service and product development.

"It's no longer business as usual at Truth Hardware," said Greg Wobschall, president of Truth Hardware. "We took to heart what our customers were telling us: that we make great products but they want to work more collaboratively. As a result, we have reinvigorated our employees and will be communicating the new face of Truth in everything we do, from customer service to advertising to product packaging."

In June 2006, Truth Hardware launched a new ad campaign to convey its new outlook. The campaign features a series of four ads with bold, dynamic graphics and the declaration to its customers: "You've Spoken. We've Listened. The New Truth is Here."

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