Donald Trump Responds to Story on Chinese Window Purchase
October 4, 2010

As™ reported last week, Donald Trump recently made a large purchase of windows from a Chinese manufacturer. In an interview with CNBC, Trump is quoted as saying, "I ordered windows, thousands of windows the other day; they're made in China. I don't want to buy them, but it's hard to get them anywhere else."

That statement elicited quite an outcry from both USGlass and DWM magazine readers. The reaction was so strong, in fact, that they brought forth a reaction from Donald Trump himself.

Today received a copy of our report with a handwritten note, confirmed to be from Trump, saying “China’s artificially low currency make it hard for U.S. companies to compete – I would much rather buy ‘U.S.’ – and do much business with Pella – (and others). The U.S. product is better.” 

The statement was forwarded to by Trump’s executive assistant, Thuy Colayco, via e-mail.

Read the statement from Donald Trump here.

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