Top Five at GlassBuild America - Day One
September 12, 2011

GlassBuild (GBA) America opened today in Atlanta to, as is the custom in these tough economic times, mixed reviews. Here are some of the things that seemed most unique and/or that people were talking about on the show floor:

  1. Daytrippers: More attendees this year seemed to visiting for the day rather than the full three days. "I came in this morning and am leaving tonight" was a common refrain when visitors were asked how long they were staying. The Atlanta location makes it easier for East Coasters to this when the show is in Atlanta rather than Vegas. And they were.
  2. China Cabinet: The Chinese were back in a show of force and new products that garnered a great amount of attention. Thirty-six companies in the show were from China.
  3. Show Overload: GBA coincides in the same week with the Construct America show and is just a few weeks before Vitrum in Italy, leading some to show-hop between the two this week.
  4. Machinery Mayhem: Machinery suppliers from some unusual countries such as Turkey and Spain garnered a fair amount of interest, setting the stage for expansion into markets that traditionally had been dominated by German and Italian suppliers.
  5. USGlass magazine: the floor seemed a buzz about the September issue of USGlass, which includes an illuminating interview with Leon Silverstein, among other stories.

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