SELECT Hinges™ Sets Record; Reaches 25 Million in Cycle Testing

A SELECT aluminum geared continuous hinge celebrated its silver anniversary - achieving 25 million open/close cycles in independent testing.

"We're proud that our hinge has reached this landmark level of performance," said Bob Cronk, SELECT vice president, sales and marketing. "We're not aware of any other independent test that has put a hinge through this many cycles. We believe this is a record."

According to the company, the hinge has withstood continuous, nonstop cycle testing for more than four years without fail at Architectural Testing Inc. in St. Paul, Minn., where SELECT's full mortise aluminum SL11-HD geared hinge was mounted to a standard FRP door to simulate a real-world situation. A piston initiated the door's open/close cycle 16,600 times per day, around the clock. On a real-world school entrance averaging 400,000 cycles per year, this equals 62 years of high-traffic use.

Pair-Matched™ hinge leaves are manufactured, machined and anodized together with paired serial numbers s. Anodizing after machining creates a smoother surface for bearings to move against, decreasing wear and lifetime lubrication delivers maintenance-free performance.

"Our unique manufacturing processes work together to achieve this durability," Cronk said. "Proving our aluminum geared continuous hinge will last for more than 60 years of heavy use gave us the confidence to offer the industry's only Continuous Warranty.

SELECT's Continuous Warranty covers any failure of its geared hinges with no expiration date, if they were properly installed.

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