CGDA Responds to Hartford Courant's "State Licensing Law Stalls Installing of Glass" Editorial

Editor's Note: The following editorial was sent in by Carl Von Dassel, Jr., president of the Connecticut Glass Dealers Association, in response to the October 31, 2006 USGNN news story, "State Licensing Law Stalls Installing Of Glass."

In response to the article in the Hartford Courant, "State Licensing Law Stalls Installing of Glass," the Connecticut Glass Dealers Association (CGDA) would like the opportunity to clarify the intent of Public Act 99-170.

The intent of CGDA's legislative effort in 1999 was to ensure adequate standards for the trade with safe and proper installations for the consumer. Public Act 99-170 simply requires licensure for individuals who perform automotive and flat glass work and creates a Board within the Department of Consumer Protection to regulate this work. Licensed installers are trained though the State of Connecticut Apprenticeship Program and are held accountable for their installations.

To date, the CGDA has 30 apprentices in its training program. The introductory class of 2002 is entering into its last semester and will be eligible to take the state journeyman (FG-2) exam in 2007.

The glass industry has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Engineers, architects and designers have "pushed the envelope" with innovative design ideas using glass. It is the CGDA's goal to assist its members in creating qualified journeymen, which in the end benefits the public.

All CGDA board members volunteer their time and effort to help educate and raise the bar of the Connecticut glass industry as a whole. The law was not intended to be a "quick fix" for the glass industry. The CGDA believes that the education and training is a work in progress. Companies that invest in training will find satisfaction with fewer mistakes in estimating, ordering and installations. Ultimately, public safety is ensured by having properly trained auto and flat glass installers.

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