PPG Announces Certified Coatings Applicator Program

PPG Industries of Pittsburgh has announced the creation of its Certified Applicator Program (CAP). Through the program a select group of coating applicators are certified to meet the company's quality control standards for applying DURANAR®, DURANAR® XL, CORAFLON® EX and ACRYNAR® FX high-performance coatings to extruded metal architectural products.

"Over the past few years, color and quality requirements for architectural coatings have tightened, as have the demands for timely product deliveries," said Henry Lowman, CAP director. The company says it developed the program to address and resolve such issues.

According to PPG, the CAP was modeled after its Certified Glass Fabricator Program, which requires members to participate in a rigorous auditing program, encompassing all aspects of the coating process, including initial mixing, matching and formulation of coatings to the actual application to the metal.

In addition, the audit specifies procedures for cleaning and pre-treating metal substrates, paint application parameters and cure schedules, as well as how finished products should be handled, packed and shipped.

Continuing education and training is also part of the CAP.

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