PPG Industries Announces Launch of Certified Laminator Program

PPG Industries of Pittsburgh has introduced its Certified Laminator Program (PPG/CLP), a nationwide network of glass fabricators certified to produce laminated glass products, including high-performance glasses such as its Solarban 60 solar control low-E glass.

According to the announcement, the certified laminator program is similar to the company's certified fabricator program. The new program is designed to enhance the ability of glass laminators to meet the growing demand for transparent solar control products, while also providing architects, building owners and glazing contractors with quality, reliability and performance.

Glass fabricators interested in participating in the program must pass annual audits that cover all aspects of production and service capability. According to company information, there are also strict procedures, to which participants must adhere, including glass cutting and seaming, PVB interlayer preparation, laminate assembly and processing (heating, de-airing and autoclaving).

Three components make up the program: participants in the commercial program are certified to supply laminated Solarban 60 solar control low-E glass; in the residential program members provide a cost-effective, regional source of laminated glass for single- and multi-family structures; and in the specialty program participants cover all non-commercial and non-residential applications.

Companies in the program can laminate glass in any thickness, in a variety of tints and coatings, shapes and sizes, according to PPG's announcement.

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