Pilkington Announces Improved Mirropane T.M.™

Now available from Toledo, Ohio-based Pilkington North America is an improved Mirropane T.M. Transparent Mirror, which the company says has a 20-percent improvement in its lighting requirements for optimum performance.

Prior to the change, the product was known as Mirropane E.P.™. The product's improvement comes from a new coating formula and new equipment at the company's Laurinburg, N.C., plant where it is produced.

According to the company, the product is designed for interior applications, and only requires light to be eight times brighter on one side for optimum masking and subject-side reflection; the previous product required a 10:1 lighting ratio.

"The improved performance means that Mirropane T.M. can be used in larger applications, such as floor-to-ceiling interior glass walls, without transmitted light washing out the mirror effect," said Scott Hoover, senior manager, architectural marketing.

Mirropane T.M. is a pyrolytic product, and can be handled, cut, heat-treated, bent and laminated without affecting its performance or appearance, according to the company.

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