Pacific Aluminum Announces Availability of New Single and Double Hung Window System

Pacific Aluminum has announced the immediate availability of the 4250i series, the company's new single/double hung window system utilizing Insulbar thermal barrier technology.

According to the company the improved insulation performance is due to increased aluminum separation and air space using material that is extruded into a shape that effectively and economically joins two separate aluminum extrusions (the inner and outer aluminum profiles of the window). This allows for competitive U-Values, exceeding the performance of pour and de-bridged systems, the company says.

The glass-reinforced nylon has a coefficient of thermal expansion that is said to be very close to that of aluminum, and should drastically reduce internal stresses. Use of the Insulbar also allows the new 4250i series to achieve a dual finish capability because separate interior and exterior extrusions are mechanically crimped to the Insulbar thermal barrier. Different finishes can be specified for interior and exterior extrusions, providing true aesthetic design flexibility in a high performance aluminum window system.

"This is just the beginning of what you will see from us in the area of new products," stated Loren Nelson, VP Engineering. "Expect to see more innovations in windows and entrance systems from Pacific very soon."

Currently undergoing testing, the system is expected to achieve at least an HC 65 rating, a competitive U-Value and a Level 1 blast rating.

For more information, contact Pacific Aluminum at 800/454-4304.

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