New Laminated Glass Manufacturer to Open in PA

With a combined 47 years of experience in the glass industry, business partners Tom Zaccone and Larry Tumminia recently announced the creation of Northeast Laminated Glass Corporation, headquartered in Jessup, PA.

Northeast Laminated Glass Corporation, already incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania, plans to begin production in its new 140,000 square foot building in the third quarter of 2007. According to Tumminia the company is now purchasing and installing manufacturing equipment in its new facility.

Prior to beginning Northeast Laminated Glass Corporation Tom Zaccone worked in the glass industry for 26 years, spending 22 of those years with AFG Industries, most recently as general manager of its laminated glass facility in Carbondale, PA. Larry Tumminia, who has 21 years of experience in the glass industry, also worked at AFG Industries as a salesman serving the northeast for 18 years.