NFRC Summer Meeting Starts in Minneapolis

The National Fenestration Rating Council's (NFRC) summer meeting began yesterday morning at the Crowne Plaza Northstar Hotel in Minneapolis. The meeting opened with discussions held by the tubular daylighting devices task group, PCP task group, optics implementation task group, NFRC 101 and 103 standards revision task group and the fenestration glossary and terminology task group.

The revision task group addressed negative ballots to continue moving the standards forward.

William duPont of Synergy Consulting had recommended to not approve the Procedure for Determining Thermo-Physical Properties of Materials, NFRC 101, unless the group looked into using additional standards, such as ASTM F 433, to help with testing.

"One of the things I was trying to do was add things to make this more versatile," said duPont.

After discussion, his comment was withdrawn with a recommendation for the task group to look into further testing.
With regard to NFRC 103, Verification Program for Thermo-physical Property Data, the group discussed the cost of the challenge procedure to the council and reasons for having a peer review of all labs and manufacturers, as NFRC-accredited labs are not peer reviewed for timeliness.

Following these sessions, the membership filled the Great Lakes Ballroom to sit in on the component modeling approach road mapping task group (non-residential), a ratings subcommittee, chaired by Mahabir Bhandari of Carli Inc. Reports were offered by the three non-residential working group/task groups, and presentations were made on desiccant materials and spacer grouping. The group also discussed new business; among other topics, the members discussed the procedure for certifying custom walls and the possibility of simplifying the testing and simulating procedure to keep from putting custom wall manufacturers at a disadvantage.

Following the membership luncheon and opening session, at which executive director Jim Benney stressed the council's continuing goal of simplification, the technical interpretation policy committee, accreditation policy committee and certification policy committee offered reports on their activities since the council's last meeting. Next, the labeling forum opened a discussion of the types of NFRC labeling-temporary labels, permanent labels and label certificates-and the information required on each type of label.

Today's meetings will offer reports from the research and technology committee block.

The meeting continues through Thursday, July 27.

For additional information on the summer meeting, see the September USGlass magazine.

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