NFRC meeting long with little progress

In a two-hour meeting of the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) there was much discussion but little course of action decided, according to Stan Smith Executive Director of the Glass Association of North America (GANA).

The meeting started off with Greg Carney, Technical Director of GANA and task group chair, posing a question and his concern to the general council about the taking of minutes by NFRC staff in the last few meetings. When he took over as chair, Carney was told that only notes had to be taken but he pointed out that a number of actions take place that, even though they get recorded in notes, they are not necessarily recorded as actions of the subcommittee.

Despite the issue being raised, the question posed and discussion ensued, there was no definitive action or answer provided before the end of the meeting, according to Smith.

The group passed a motion recommending the NFRC task groups be elevated to subcommittee level and potentially disbanded, "so that votes could be taken and perhaps progress move forward on certification issues." That topic will be taken to the subcommittee, which will make a decision on whether or not to hear it or send it back to task group level.

Finally, there was some discussion surrounding the latest revision to the peer review element process flowchart, to which there were some proposed language changes and possible procedural changes offered by Steve Selkowitz with Laurence Berkley National Laboratories. That will also be an issue of consideration for the subcommittee to consider.

As Smith reported, on these topics there was a lot of discussion, many points and counter points made, but no real progress and no decisions made.

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