NFRC Approves Bi-Lingual Label; Announces Board Openings

During its summer meeting that took place July 25-28 in Quebec City, the National Fenestration Rating Council's (NFRC) board of directors approved a new bi-lingual label.

"The new label allows both English and French languages to appear simultaneously and should increase understanding and usage of the label in French-speaking areas such as in Canada," said Jim Benney, NFRC executive director.

The new provisions are available for use on labels printed after October 1, 2005, and will become mandatory for all labels printed after July 1, 2006.

The board also announced that six board positions will open at the end of the year. Available positions include:

  • A one-year slot for a not-for-profit consumer, environmental, energy efficiency or other public interest organization;
  • A one-year slot for a representative employed or affiliated with a member who is a test or simulation laboratory;
  • A three-year slot for a manufacturer that sells the majority of its fenestration products for use in residential construction;
  • A three-year slot for a representative of a state or local government energy or building code office;
  • A three-year slot for a representative who is employed or affiliated with members that purchase or specify fenestration products, is involved in the regulation of the use of fenestration products and/or has a significant interest in promoting building energy efficiency; and
  • A three-year slot for a representative who is employed or affiliated with members involved in manufacturing fenestration products or components or with members who are trade associations or other organizations formed to represent such manufacturers.
Nominations are due to NFRC no later than September 5, 2005.

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