MSK Corp. Develops PV-TV Solar Panel

MSK Corp., of Tokyo, has developed amorphous silicon solar technology in conjunction with Kaneka and the Japanese architects Taiyo Industries to produce PV-TV solar panels.

The photovoltaic glass panels, measuring 1-meter by 1-meter, were designed to fit a wide range of building applications and offer thermal insulation, solar heat gain protection and protection from ultra violet rays.

During the manufacturing process, a laser inscribes a series of ultra fine lines onto the panel. According to a MSK press release, this process allows 10 percent of visible light to be transmitted through the glass, enough for sufficient light to enter a building even during cloudy conditions, while protecting against excessive solar gain. In addition, an amorphous silicon cell with 10 percent, 5 percent or 1 percent transparency is placed between two sheets of glass and a charge box is attached to collect the energy generated by the window.

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