McGraw-Hill Construction Study Compares BIM in Western Europe and North America
October 5, 2010

A little over a third—36 percent--of Western European construction professionals are now using Building Information Modeling (BIM), according to McGraw-Hill Construction’s latest SmartMarket Report, The Business Value of BIM in Europe.  Produced in collaboration with Autodesk, the National Institute of Building Sciences/buildingSMART alliance, and 11 European industry associations, the report compares BIM adoption rates in France, Germany and the U.K. with those in North America, where 49 percent of contractors, architects and engineers report BIM usage, according to McGraw-Hill Construction’s 2009 report, The Business Value of BIM.

McGraw-Hill Construction says the new report reveals differences between the North American and European BIM markets and further affirms that firms with greater experience and expertise in BIM frequently achieve a significant return on their BIM investment. Over a third of Western European BIM users (34 percent) have more than five years of experience using BIM, versus only 18 percent in North America; nearly three-quarters of Western European BIM users (74 percent) report a positive perceived return on their overall investment in BIM, compared with 63 percent of North American BIM users.

The Business Value of BIM in Europe report provides insights into BIM implementation and business benefits. Respondents are broken into two groups, BIM users and non-users, and the report examines non-users’ reasons for not implementing BIM, as well as data from BIM users about their length of usage, levels of expertise, BIM investments and the return on those investments.

The report can be downloaded online for free.

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