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USGNN Original StoryMariTech Windows Acquires Former Phillips Customers
June 19, 2009

Even in tough economic times, some companies are still experiencing prosperous days. Such is the case for MariTech Windows in Carrolton, Texas, which recently picked up new customers as a result of Phillips Products ceasing operations (CLICK HERE for related article). One of the company’s newest customers is Tulsa, Okla.-based distributor Mill Creek, which had previously purchased its door and window products from Phillips.

“As a result of Phillips closing we’ve also hired two of the company’s sales representatives,” David Decker, MariTech president and co-owner, tells™. “We are blessed to be actively growing in this down market.”

Decker notes that like Phillips, Veka is also his company’s extrusion supplier.

“That’s helped us because the customers who had worked with Phillips previously know that they are still going to get that same level of quality from our product,” says Decker.

However, the growth isn’t just a result of Phillips closing. Decker says MariTech was growing strong even before that.

“Before Phillips we were running 800-900 windows a day and in the past 13 months we’ve been able to create 150 jobs,” Decker says. MariTech, which operates from its 110,000-square-foot facility, services 11 states. Though it had been reaching these areas prior to Phillips closing, Decker says with its new customers it now has a stronger presence in these states.

The stimulus package and the opportunity for homeowner tax credits have also helped generate business. Decker says the company’s products are Energy Star approved and “in most cases we can meet the 30/30 requirement by adding argon to the glass,” he adds.

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