JEB's New Plant Begins Fabrication

J.E. Berkowitz, L.P. (JEB), a privately held glass fabricator, began glass fabrication recently at its new 200,000-square-foot plant located in Pedricktown, NJ. The startup of the plant came two months ahead of schedule. "We have stayed the course of our strategic business plan, and this event marks the first step in taking glass fabrication to the next level," says Arthur Berkowitz, president of the company.

JEB's new plant is designed to allow all processes to flow in one direction, according to a press release from the company. The glass moves from stock sheets to cutting lines, to tempering and laminating lines, to insulating lines, and finally, racked or crated for transport to customers.

JEB's new Lisec Insulating Line joins the company's other two existing IG lines, extending JEB's maximum length capability from its previous maximum of 137 inches to 158 inches. It also adds an on-line gas filling component and two sets of pumps for JEB's Black and new Light Grey silicone lines. According to Arthur Berkowitz the firm's overall IG capacity will increase by more than fifty percent.

In addition to the Lisec IG Line, JEB has invested in several pieces of equipment including a fully automated cutting line supported by an automatic Gantry system; an automatic seaming line; a horizontal double edger and CNC machinery.

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