J. E. Berkowitz Introduces JEB INVISIWALL™

J. E. Berkowitz L.P., headquartered in Westville, NJ, has announced its new JEB INVISIWALL totally transparent point-supported glass systems and its newest spokesperson "Tripodius." According to the company, each point-supported glass system is custom designed and engineered to meet the client's particular project specifications and aesthetics. "Tripodius" joins the three key elements of a successful project: design, project management and delivery into one complete JEB INVISIWALL glass system.

The JEB INVISIWALL point-supported glass systems can consist of monolithic or laminated glass and can be designed for interior or exterior application to create striking entrances, wall facades, partitions or canopies. Additionally, low-iron, silk-screened, acid etched, tinted or insulating glass can be precisely fabricated to connect with the specified hardware as well. The glass is fully tempered and can be heat soaked to reduce the probability of spontaneous breakage. The system can be engineered to use full height or cantilevered fins, depending upon the application. To connect the glass components, J. E. Berkowitz, L.P. offers a broad selection of point-support spider and spring plate attachments with articulating and fixed fittings readily available in a variety of standard and custom styles and finishes. Technical design assistance and shop drawings can be provided upon request.

The company says the JEB's all glass entrances can be easily incorporated into the JEB INVISIWALL point-supported glass systems, allowing for single source responsibility on a project. JEB all glass entrances can be provided with rails, patch fittings, vertical stiles, panics, mag locks, closers and push/pulls, depending on the specification.

"J. E. Berkowitz's addition of the JEB INVISIWALL point-supported glass systems are a perfect complement to our fabricated glass offerings. This new product offering also serves as a testament to our commitment to staying the course of our strategic business plan," said Michael Z. Nicklas, architectural sales and marketing manager.

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