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USGNN Original StoryIGMA Looking at Changing Test Method for the IGMAC Certification Program

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA), sponsor and program administrator for the IGMAC Certification Program, is considering changing the test method used for the IGMAC program-CGSB 12.8-to ASTM E 2190. IGMA tests currently to ASTM E 2190 so if the change is approved both the IGMA and the IGMAC Certification Programs would be testing to the same standard.

"All other program requirements would stay the same," according to IGMA's Marg Webb. A final decision will be made during IGMA's upcoming meeting in June.

Does this mean IGMA would then look at harmonizing the requirements for the two programs? According to Webb, this is in the back of her mind, but still a ways away.

"We are so close to establishing one set of program requirements and guidelines for the Insulating Glass Certification Council's (IGCC) certification program with ours-hopefully that will be complete by the end of this year," she says. "Then we may look at harmonizing the IGMAC and IGMA programs."

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