IGMA Announces Acceptance of GasGlass for IGMA Certification Program

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) has announced that the GasGlass® instrument manufactured by Sparklike of Helsinki, Finland, will be accepted as a viable method for determining initial gas fill concentration for the IGMA Certification Program, effective immediately.

IGMA conducted the first data correlation study between gas fill measurements taken by the gas chromatograph method and the GasGlass device in 2002. The results of this study indicated that measurements taken with the GasGlass device were comparable to those taken with a gas chromatograph. Based on this research encompassing 200 gas-filled insulating glass units, the IGMA GasGlass Best Practices Working Group was formed in January 2003 to expand the initial correlation data. The working group developed standardized operating protocol for the device, which forms the foundation for the development of an ASTM standard (currently under development), developed a second round robin series of testing to establish correlation between different GasGlass devices and is presently working on a position paper for the GasGlass device.

Margaret Webb, IGMA executive director stated, "This device provides another methodology for approved certification testing laboratories to verify initial gas fill and is truly a non-destructive verification process unlike the gas chromatograph or the oxygen analyzer. This will remove the requirement for manufacturers to use septum plugs so that the units tested for initial gas fill can undergo cycling without compromising the insulating glass unit seal."

Webb also noted, that "IGMA is continuously researching new methods that will offer alternatives not just to certification but also to the insulating glass manufacturing process itself."

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