Code Council Seeks Federal Funding for Building Departments

In an ongoing effort to obtain funding for a proposed Community Building Code Administration Grant Program, which would provide funds for local code enforcement, representatives from the International Code Council (ICC) have held more than 130 meetings with members of congress.

The proposed grant program would provide money to municipalities during periods of building booms or following natural disasters to account for increased oversight of building codes through the hire and training of inspectors.

"This grant program will help increase professionalism in order to better protect the public, especially during natural disasters," International Code Council president Wally Bailey, Director of Development and Construction for the city of Fort Smith, Ark., told Congressional representatives. "It's all part of protecting our country and providing our citizens with the safest possible built environment."

According to the ICC, the increased adherence to building codes promoted by the program will result in a $4-$7 savings per $1 investment in reduced damages following a natural disaster.

The International Code Council is a membership association that develops building codes used to guide the construction of residential and commercial buildings, including homes and schools.

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