Glass-Related Proposals Heard During ICC Public Hearings

The International Code Council's (ICC) Code Development Hearings took place February 22-March 4 in Cincinnati, Ohio. During the hearings numerous code change proposals to the International Codes (I-Code), many of which could affect the glass and glazing industry, were heard.

Following are some decisions of interest pertaining to the International Building Codes (IBC) hearings:

  • Section 1604.3: a proposal to provide for the use of the same deflection limits for skylight and sloped glazing framing in sunroom panels, was approved;
  • Section 1609.14: a proposed change to require impact-resistant glazing or impact resistant coverings in wind-borne debris regions, was approved;
  • A proposed change to section 2405.5 for unit skylights was approved so the code chapter will now cite the new specification AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440;
  • A proposed change to update chapter 35 of the IBC to reference ASTM E 1300-04 was approved;
  • A proposed change to section 2406.1.2 that would permit the use of wired glass in occupancies other than group E (educational) was not approved.
  • Also disapproved was a proposal to section 2406.5 that would have required safety glass to have visible markings to prevent impact.

The one proposal to the International Existing Building Code that concerned glass was also approved. The proposal to chapter 3 requires replacement glass to meet new installation requirements.

A number of proposals relating to glass and glazing were also heard pertaining to the International Building Code, Fire Safety:

  • A proposed change to section 706.7 was approved. The proposal permits fire-rated glazing that is used in atria to be exempt from the 25-percent restriction on the amount of glazing permitted in fire barriers;
  • A proposed change to section 713.4 was not approved that would have reduced the perimeter fire barrier system performance to 30 minutes when curtainwall is not required to have a fire-resistance rating;
  • Also for section 713.4, a proposed change to reference ASTM E 2307, Standard Test Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barrier Systems Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-story Test Apparatus, instead of the current description, was approved;
  • A proposed change to section 715.3 to permit alternative methods for determining fire-protection ratings similar to those permitted for fire-resistance ratings was approved, but a proposal to require an "R" or "P" classification based upon whether the product provides a fire resistance or fire rating was not approved;
  • A proposed change to 715.4 was withdrawn. The proposal would have limited the area of glazing in exterior walls where the fire protection rating is more than 90 minutes;
  • A proposal to section 404.5 of the IBC, General was withdrawn. The proposal would have permitted the use of 20-minute fire protection rated glazing (with the hose stream) to be used instead of the wetted glass assembly in atria.
A summary of all actions and the full hearings report are available at The deadline for receipt of public comments to the hearings actions on proposed changes is June 16, 2005.

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