HAECO Inc. Partners with MW Manufacturers

Henline Adhesive Equipment Company Inc. (HAECO) of Loveland, Ohio, announced it has partnered with MW Manufacturers (MW) as the provider for its glazing equipment. Since the partnership began, HAECO has provided MW with four Auto-Glaze™ Tables and additional tables are set to be delivered over the next several months.

The high production automatic glazing systems apply glazing sealant at up to 70 feet per minute, resulting in increased production compared to manual applications. Of the four systems already manufactured for MW, two were designed to dispense silicone and two were created to dispense warm sealant.

Each Auto-Glaze Table features a unique twin-selector switch that allows the operator to unload and reload a sash while another sash is being glazed. This continuous production capability enables MW the opportunity to double their production, according to the company.

"We are excited to partner with MW Manufacturers and provide them with tailored Auto-Glaze systems that meet their glazing needs," said Doug Forkner, sales engineer at HAECO. "The HAECO systems are engineered to deliver accuracy and consistency, while increasing productivity."

The systems are equipped with laser optics that provides a red locator light for easy positioning and placement of glazing. The mounted bracketry locks the lasers into place for repeatable and consistent readings.

Designed with the operator in mind, the systems offers easy-to-use control panels and the keyed lockout allows immediate access to manual motion control, and manual raising or lowering of the head assembly, according to the company. A "wave of a hand" starts the cycle, eliminating the need for a footswitch or start cycle buttons.

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