Laminating Meeting

With the growth of laminated glass usage-thanks to hurricanes and codes, and terrorism and detention-the laminating division has stepped up its educational efforts with a number of Glass Informational Bulletins.

Work was wrapped up on point-supported glass. Bill Cottington, who has been heading up this effort, explained that the hole and the hardware become a system. When there are any modification made to this-size, location-it changes the system. "You have to understand the whole system and that is the point of this educational bulletin," he stated. He also made the point that it should be a tested system, adding that this does not mean to test each job but to be certain that the hardware has undergone tests.

It was resolved to put the bulletin before the board of directors for publication.

Another bulletin is being prepared on product labeling.

Also connected to the education is the effort to develop a test method for ball drop impact. It was decided in Orlando to just put out a test method for now. "This should be relatively simplistic," stated Julie Schimmelpenningh, chair of the ball drop test method task group. "The next step, specifications, will be much more complicated."

The marketing committee has finished its generic PowerPoint presentation on the basics of laminated glass and the suggestion was made that it be submitted for AIA education credit.

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