Guardian Introduces New Low-E Glass Coating

Guardian Industries Corp. recently announced the introduction of SunGuard® SuperNeutral 54 (SN 54), a new low-E coating for commercial glass that features a neutral appearance, solar control and significant energy savings.

"SN 54 fills a void in the marketplace," said Chris Dolan, Guardian's director of commercial glass products. "The neutral appearance, which is similar to standard float glass, coupled with an extremely low solar heat gain differentiates this product from other options currently available to the design community."

SN 54 coating will help architects and designers earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit in multiple categories, including energy savings and daylighting. In fact, an independent study by engineering company Enermodal Engineering Inc., found that SN 54 offered substantial savings in building construction and ongoing energy costs -- as much as $2 to $4 per square foot of glazing, when compared to traditional high-performance low-E glass.

"One challenge architects and designers face is that some glass products transmit so much light that the result may be excessive glare inside the building," said Dolan. "SN 54 lowers interior glare by allowing the right amount of light in, enabling architects to balance their desire for natural light with the reality of occupants who need to see their computer monitors."

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