Glaston Receives Its Largest Order Ever

Glaston Corp. recently announced that it has received its largest-ever order in the form of a "one-stop-partner" (OSP) package deal, which would outfit an architectural glass processing plant fully. The order is worth a reported 15.5 million euros (20.6 million USD).

"This is a great milestone for us," said Glaston president and chief executive officer Mika Seitovirta. "The order strengthens our belief in the fact that the OSP strategy is completely right, and our view of these kind of deliveries being the competitive edge that will enable our success also in the future."

According to Glaston, its OSP program comprises Glaston's involvement in a project from its inception, as consultants, all the way through completion, when the company provides machinery as well as the labor for project and machine installation.

Glaston foresees delivery of the machines to be made near the end of 2007, with the majority of the order to be filled within the first half 2008.