Glasstech Unveils New Electric Radiant Heating Systems

Glasstech of Perrysburg, Ohio, has introduced two new convection-assisted, electric radiant heating systems, the ERH2-C2ä and the ERH2-C3ä. These systems include low-e glass coating and utilize special nozzles with built-in preheaters to deliver hot air to the glass surface.

"With the rapid rise in use of low-e glass on a global scale, it is absolutely essential to find new ways to provide efficient heating methods for our customers," says Jim Schnabel, Glasstech's vice president of product development. "The Glasstech ERH product line is ideal for customers who want to process high-performance, low-e glass at competitive rates and less expensively using electric radiation heating."

The ERH2-C2 utilizes nozzles located directly above the glass line to deliver heat to the top-coated glass surface. This system heats coated glass at 40 to 50 seconds/mm of thickness. In contrast, the newer ERH2-C3, which can heat high-performance coated glass in 30 to 35 seconds/mm of thickness, features hot-air convection nozzles located above and below the glass surface, allowing it to heat both sides of the glass equally.

"More efficient heating means less time required to heat the glass," says Schnabel. "The less time the glass requires to heat, the more economic the system is to operate. This means lower costs and better glass surface quality, both of which are extremely important to our customers."

According to the company, the ERH2-C3's most important innovation is its Time-Profiled Convection heating system, which allows for variation of heat transfer throughout the heating cycle to match the needs of low-e glass being processed.

According to Schnabel, "The relative heating requirements of the upper and lower surfaces of low-e glass change throughout the tempering process. The Glasstech Time-Profiled Convection heating system balances the top-to-bottom heat throughout the process to ensure effective heating, enhance throughput and achieve the highest glass quality. Other systems cannot or do not offer this capability."

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