Glasstech Introduces ERH2-C3™ for Tempering Low-E Glass

Based in Perrysburg, Ohio, Glasstech Inc. has introduced the ERH2-C3, a new system for tempering high-performance, low-E glass. According to information from the company, the system processes these products efficiently by utilizing hot air convection nozzles above and below the glass surface to heat both sides of the glass equally, translating into short cycle times and increased productivity compared to other systems.

The ERH2-C3 is capable of heating high-performance coated glass in 30 to 35 seconds/mm of thickness. The company says this takes up to 70 seconds/mm on purely radiant heaters.

'The primary challenge posed by low-E coatings is that they reflect much of the radiant energy striking the top of the glass during the heating process, which means added time is needed to reach temperatures at which glass can be tempered," said Jim Schnabel, vice president of product development. "Convection-assisted heating enables Glasstech to achieve heating times for high-performance coatings similar to those attainable on uncoated glass."
The new system features Glasstech's patent-pending Time-Profiles Convection heating system, which allows for variation of heat transfer throughout the heating cycle to match the needs of the low-E glass being processed.

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