GlassKote™ Products Demonstrate Green Test Results

GlassKote USA, located in Bridgeport, Conn., has announced its glass color coatings have test results demonstrating green properties. The company says its products do not have isocyanates, a harmful chemical, often found in color treatments, which have been proven to cause chronic illness.

"To our knowledge, GlassKote is the only isocyanate-free, two-part glass coating available in North America," said Warren Belkin, principal of GlassKote USA. "We are committed to bringing safety and security to companies that are involved in the architectural glass industry, homeowners and businesses that live with these materials."

The company also says it recently received test data from independent, certified testing labs in which the GlassKote product was tested to have pull-off adhesion strength of more than 2100 pounds per square inch. It has approvals for structural silicone applications as well.

DL Labs of Brooklyn, N.Y., conducted ASTM testing for GlassKote USA. The following tests were performed: chemical resistance, ASTM D 1308; adhesion, ASTM D 3359; pull off adhesion strength, ASTM D 4541; pencil hardness, ASTM D 3363; humidity resistance ASTM 4585; blistering after humidity test, ASTM D 714; adhesion after humidity test, ASTM D 3359; and MEK solvent rubs ASTM D 4572/D 3732.

The structural sealant/weatherseal testing was done by Dow Corning.

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