Fensterbau Exhibitors Launch Latest Innovations to Hefty Crowds; Attendees Search for Automation, Energy Efficiency
March 30, 2010

EDTM released its new GlassChek Pro system during the Fensterbau show, which is held every two years in Nuremberg, Germany.

Exhibitors at last week’s Fensterbau/Frontale show in Nuremberg, Germany, released their most recent innovations to large crowds, filling the event’s eight large halls.

Electronic Design to Market Inc. displayed its Glass ChekPro for the first time at the show. The tool, which has been in development for some time, will be shipped to customers for the first time this month, company president Mark Imbrock reported.

“This is the first time we’re showing it in its full functionality,” he said.

The new tool is designed to detect coatings and various ratings of triple-paned windows, even displaying what company’s low-E coating has been applied to the glass.

“It has a boat-load of features,” added Imbrock, a first-time exhibitor at the show.

Imbrock said EDTM decided to exhibit for the first time in an effort to expand its world-wide presence, and found that to be a good decision.

“We’ve definitely talked to enough people to make it worthwhile,” he told USGNN.com™.

Software manufacturer Preference North America offered a new solution designed especially for glazing contractors. The system is called Preference Intelligent Model Entry, and has been released to a couple glass suppliers who have offered it to their customers, according to engineering services manager Leon Gefter. In addition, in North America the company is now offering more integration of its software system with CNC machinery and is helping manufacturers to go paperless.

“These guys in Europe have been [paperless] forever, but in North America it’s becoming more important,” he said.

Technoform offered its new polypropylene muntin bar, according to the company’s Simon Rawlins, who is based in the United Kingdom. He explained that 15 percent of the company’s customers in Europe elect to utilize the muntin bar, and the market is growing. The company also is focused on energy efficiency, and is seeing 10 to 12 percent of the market using triple-glazing there. The new muntin bar, like the company’s stainless steel spacers, is designed to be low in conductivity, Rawlins said.

Attendees came from around the world to attend the Fensterbau show, though many pointed out that U.S. attendance seemed to be down due to the economy.

One U.S. attendee, Peter Eigenmann, marketing and product development manager for Westech, said he was seeing the newest ways to become more energy-efficient, though his search wasn’t specific.

“I look to see what’s available,” he said.

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