Fenestration Manufacturers Association Issues Newsletter; Discusses Recent Study Results

The Fenestration Manufacturers Association (FMA) has issued its most recent newsletter, the FMA Viewpoint, in which newly proposed taxation laws for Florida are explained and a synopsis of the Energy Code Transition Study Workgroup's first meeting was provided.

The newsletter also provided additional information on the Florida Panhandle Wind Borne Debris Workgroup meeting of June 19, summarizing the decision of the Commissioners' 12-3 vote to "define the 130 mph isotach as the wind borne debris demarcation line for the Panhandle region of Florida."

Information on FMA 100-06/FMA 200-06 Installation Protocols was provided in the newsletter, too, explaining that they are currently specific to Florida and only apply to aluminum and vinyl windows.

The newsletter included personnel announcements, including the news that Kristin Leonard has stepped down from the office of FMA Secretary to assume co-chairmanship of the FMA membership committee. She is the former chairperson of the vinyl committee. Additionally, the board of directors approved the nomination of Les Moffat with MI Windows and Doors to fill the board seat vacated by former president Bob Braatz, and the board voted that Jim Connery will replace and serve the rest of the term previously held by Mark Daniels, both of Sika Corp.

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