EGP to Display Heated Glass at Builders Show

Engineered Glass Products (EGP) of Chicago will be featuring its Thermique™ Hot Glass Technology™ at the International Builders Show, January 11-14, in Orlando, Fla. Attendees will be able to see--and feel--the electrically heated glass at EGP's booth, S11054.

Heated glass towel warmers and heated shelves for food service industries were among the first commercial products to take advantage of Thermique technology, but the company is now adapting the technology for architectural windows. According to EGP chief executive officer Mike Hobbs, the comfort factor provided by the heated windows is its biggest advantage right now, but the company is researching additional benefits-including the potential for energy savings and the prevention of condensation and mold growth.

The heat in the glass is generated by a transparent metal oxide coating put onto the glass during fabrication. The coating is connected to specifically designed buss bars within the laminated or insulating unit, which are in turn wired to the wall-mounted Thermique controller. When the controller provides electricity, the coating heats up uniformly across the entire glass surface. At full power, the heated windows reach a uniform temperature of 105 degrees.

In addition, EGP has announced that it has partnered with La Plata Electric Association, a regional energy provider, to evaluate the energy-saving benefits of Thermique. Together, they are launching an in-depth scientific study on the indoor climate changes created by replacing ordinary windows with Thermique electrically heated glass. The objective is to quantify the precise reduction in energy dollars achieved by Thermique technology in architectural windows.

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