EFCO Introduces E-Shield Fiberglass Frame for Heavy Commercial Construction

The new E-Shield fiberglass energy frame system for heavy commercial applications from EFCO Corp. is designed to improve energy efficiency so as to meet strict, new environmental codes. The company says the new system provides superior resistance to harsh environments and enhanced aesthetic appeal, with aluminum frame caps to match its standard colors for outside accessories.

Other benefits offered by the E-Shield system include improved interior comfort, more efficient use of floor space and more opportunities for natural light.

According to EFCO, the system is manufactured using a fiberglass pultrusion technology, through which glass fibers and specially formulated resins for corrosion, chemical and moisture resistance are drawn through forming dies. The fibers are next cut to shape by diamond-impregnated saw blades. The company says this fiberglass construction allows the system to yield U-values as low as .28, when installed with the appropriate coated glass.

E-Shield is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, fabrication options and protective finishes. Aluminum frame caps also allow for a number of options to match outside accessories, such as panning, trim, mullions and subframes, with an AAMA 2605 or 2604 finish. Anodized finishes in any standard EFCO color are also available.

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