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USGNN Original StoryBottero Celebrates 50th Anniversary at Vitrum

Machinery manufacturer Bottero is celebrating 50 years in business, and has let the crowds at Vitrum, the machinery and equipment trade show in Milan, know it.

The celebration of the anniversary began September 8, when 1,200 employees and their families gathered for a party held by the company. On October 2, the day before the trade show began, the festivities moved to Milan, where the company rented an enclosed galleria to hold the 150 sales personnel who were to have worked in its booth at Vitrum. As the party wound down, company representatives announced that a special guest would be welcomed to the stage - at which point a video was played of the guests entering the building.

"People came out very happy and ready to sell," reported Bottero communications manager Marco Antonelli.

In its 50th year the company is still making changes and launching products. One of the recent changes involves the company's identity. Antonelli says the company is now stressing its identity as a full range company, under the name Bottero Glass Technologies, rather than of each individual division. It is now "two to three divisions working together," Antonelli said.

Several of the company's machines also have been redesigned to get one specific look for all the units. This provides unity for the number of different lines available from one company. "We want a family feel between all of the products," Antonelli said. He noted that the company now aims to be a "full-range" supplier, a theme heard in several other booths on the trade show floor. In addition, the company has launched several new products: drill and mill machines, double-edgers and an automatic cutting line for laminated glass.

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