Bohle America Opens New Warehouse and Office
November 5, 2009

Due to the larger space needs for storage and further personnel, the Charlotte, N.C.-based Bohle America has finalized a deal to relocate to a brand new warehouse and office facility this November.

"We spent quite some time searching and researching the area and finally decided on a brand new building close to the interstate and airport in Northwest Charlotte," says president Arne Klöfkorn. "Now that we are only 10 minutes from Charlotte International Airport, local customers can take advantage of our city counter. At the same time visitors from out of town can find us at lot easier."

Bohle America has contracted for in-built expansion options within the 110,000-square-foot facility in order to ensure they can fully exploit their development plans for both the product lines and employees.

"Having moved our UK operation four times in 10 years due to our growth, I didn't want to repeat that exercise too often in the USA," adds Gary Dean, chief executive officer, "so this opportunity to built-in expansion capacity was important to us. I am very happy with both the location and the opportunities this new facility affords us," he concluded.

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