ASTM Aerosol Foam Sealant Standard Under Development

Two proposed standards concerning properties of aerosol foam sealants are currently under development by ASTM International committee C24 on building seals and sealants.

Both proposed standards, WK6156, Practice for Specimen Preparation for Determining Rate of Air Leakage for Aerosol Foam Sealant Insulating Materials and Other Joint Insulating Materials, and WK6328, Test Method for Determining the Post Expansion for Aerosol Foam Sealants, are under the jurisdiction of subcommittee C24.61 on aerosol foam sealants.

According to an ASTM news release, the purpose of standard WK6156 is to create a simplified means of measuring air permeance for aerosol foam sealants used in building construction to reduce energy-wasting air leakage in and out of the building envelope. WK6328 is intended to provide uniform product label information to the consumer concerning the amount of post-cure expansion of an aerosol foam sealant to expect after initial dispensing. Subcommittee C24.61 is actively seeking participation from any parties interested in the development of either standard.

For further information on either proposed new standard, go to and enter the work item number into the site search box on the home page.

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