ASA's 'Stand Up!' Campaign Aims to Empower Subcontractors and Suppliers

The American Subcontractors Association (ASA) began its Stand Up! campaign July 1, 2004, by issuing the first of its monthly white papers on contract-related topics. The campaign aims to empower subcontractors and suppliers by disseminating the association's collective knowledge of negotiating skills and tips throughout the construction industry.

Some of the topics scheduled to be covered by the papers include "Design Risk: Disclaimers," "Warranty: Implied and Express Warranties" and "Designated Portion of the Work." The monthly papers are scheduled for two years and are available to ASA members at

Also as part of its campaign, ASA is examining state laws and their impact on contract negotiations in the construction industry. The association will produce a series of workshops designed to help subcontractors and suppliers become their own best business advocates.

"In our perfect world, we would not have to negotiate unfair contracts and endure slow pay, retainage, questionable risk transfer mechanisms and all of the other daily disruptions we encounter," said Mat Glover, ASA president and president of Glover Masonry Associates Inc., of Arvada, Colo. "In the real world, compromise is inescapable, but that does not mean we do not have important choices to make. ASA's Stand Up! campaign will give subcontractors and suppliers the knowledge and confidence to be their own best business advocates during contract negotiations."

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