ANSI I-14.1 Up for Review

ANSI/IWFC Standard I-14.1, created in 2001 and outlining safety standards for window cleaners, is up for review next year and the I-14.1 Committee has started taking the necessary steps to keep the Standard up-to-date and relevant.

"It's time to revise and republish [the Standard]," said Stefan Bright, chairperson of the I-14.1 Committee and safety director of the International Window Cleaning Association. "The committee has chosen to do the latter, mostly because over the last five years, things change."
Though he doesn't anticipate there to be any significant changes, Bright explained that the Standard is up for review in 2006 because it has what can be described as a five-year "shelf life." At five years, the Standard needs to be reviewed or republished. If neither action is taken, it expires and is no longer considered valid.

"The final will actually be ready next year. You could say that the next 365 days will be spent finalizing details within the committee and we hope to send it out for public review well before December 2006. Then make any changes from public comment," said Bright.

The Standard currently includes language concerning window anchors, fittings and attachments with regard to the ability of those aspects of glazing to pass drop tests and pull tests required to assess the safety of a building in the realm of window cleaning.

The Committee will meet again in March 2006.

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