Advanced Glazings Ltd. Expands Staff, Introduces Award-Winning Insulated Glass Product to New England

Advanced Glazings Ltd., Sydney, Nova Scotia-based developer of the insulated glass technology "Solera®," has announced that it is introducing its product line to New England, and is expanding its sales staff to target architects and contractors building educational and public facilities throughout the region.

Advanced Glazings designs and manufactures a product line of glass units with a unique design that has the ability to diffuse direct sunlight. According to the company, this technology enables "daylighting," which is the controlled admission of natural light into an interior space through windows to reduce or eliminate electric lighting. Independent studies have shown that daylighting is not only aesthetically pleasing and cost efficient, but it helps students perform better in schools and employees feel more productive in the workplace.

"We're the only company in the world to produce this type of glass technology," said Advanced Glazing's president and founder, Dr. Douglas Milburn. "In buildings where our product is used, it equally distributes light anytime during the day with no glare or shadows - regardless of the angle of the sun. It creates comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing environments in which to learn and work. Our product also uses state-of-the-art insulating technology that is easy to install and significantly reduces energy costs in both heating and cooling capacities."

In March, Advanced Glazings received the 2006 Industry Award for Export Performance by the GLOBE Foundation of Canada, which is one of five GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence presented annually to companies and industry groups that achieve balance in competitive business strategies and sustainable development. The Industry Award for Export Performance, according to the foundation, recognizes the "drive, talent and innovative spirit" of the company to achieve success in the global environmental marketplace.

"We believe architects and builders will welcome daylighting into their project designs once they understand Solera® is playing a major role in helping revolutionize greener buildings," said Joe Menchefski, vice president of architectural products at Advanced Glazings. "We're excited to have one of New England's top sales professionals on board to help us grow our presence in the Northeast, which is a prime region for Solera® because of its landmark environmental initiatives like Efficiency Vermont and the high number of LEED accredited professionals."

Michael Bowen has been hired as an architectural product specialist to introduce the company's daylighting products to architects and contractors who are building educational and public facilities throughout the New England area.

He was previously vice president of national account sales and marketing for Timeless Timber Inc., a company that processes, manufactures and distributes environmentally reclaimed woods. Prior to that, he was a general manager for national accounts at Studio 84, a manufacturer and distributor of custom picture frames and home décor products. Bowen has also held sales and marketing positions for Inverness Medical Inc., Hasselblad USA, and New England Critical Care.

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