AAMA Board Votes to End Consolidation Talks

The board of directors of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has voted to suspend consolidation negotiations with the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA). The AAMA board also approved sending a letter addressed to the WDMA board outlining the reasons for the suspension of negotiations.
The letter was prompted by the airing of serious concerns by the WDMA consolidation team at the meeting held in Chicago on September 27th, according to a news release from AAMA. AAMA says that these concerns re-opened compromises on several issues that had been reached earlier in the summer.

After the July 27th meeting in Chicago, the AAMA consolidation team and board were encouraged by the progress reached on several key issues: supplier voting, the role and composition of the board and the selection of the chief executive of the combined association. Since then, says AAMA, WDMA has sought to revisit these three compromises, and there have been major misunderstandings on the intent and scheduling of joint meetings planned for 2006, according to the release.

According to AAMA board chairperson John Brunett, "AAMA members expect the consolidation proposal to be presented at the spring meeting in late February. The negotiation process is well into its second year, and it will not be possible to present a proposal in the spring if these negotiation setbacks continue."

WDMA has said it has no comment at this time.

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